Scenes from the Back Yard

More shots with my Holga, this time scenes from our back yard. I was just exploring the late afternoon sunlight coming through the trees.

forsythia in bloom before the blossoms dropped
some of the fruits of our woodchopping labor

hand-me down from a neighbor whose daughter is now in college
(grass just starting to green up)


thisisme said...

We don't have the forsythia here (or if we do, I've never known it!) - I've always wanted to know what it looked like. The woodpile looks like the annual reminder that we've got winter coming here. I always love when you post here - thanks :)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Lovely shots. The trike is a perfect photo. I so miss forsythia, the first flower of spring after the crocuses.

We had a huge one behind our house in TN where Baby used to sleep. It was her fragrant cave, and it actually grew in the shape of a sleeping wolf.

Thanks for reminding me of that precious memory.

evalinn said...

Nice pictures! I really need to practice more, so I could post more nice pics...

velvet girl said...

You really can't miss forsythia with it's burst of yellow blossoms that come out when spring is really here. After the bloom is over, it's just a leafy bush like other ones, but the spring show is so cheery! Good luck stocking up for the coming winter... try to keep warm!

As always, I'm glad to have you stop by. :)


That's such a great memory of Baby and forsythia! I can picture it in my mind. Thank you for sharing it with me.


They always say that practice is they key, trial and error and all that. Oh, and only showing people your best photos. That's probably the most useful one. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Dan said...

Beautiful photos Velvet. Amazing how you can make the mundane come to life. Love that tricycle. The lighting is wonderful.

velvet girl said...


Thank you for your compliments, as always! ;)

The light is the very backbone of photography. The light shining through the trees in our back yard in the afternoon has a really dreamy quality to it... I love it.

Tammie Jean said...

Love the photo of the tricycle!

velvet girl said...

tammie jean-

It's such a classic trike that I think it would be hard to take a bad photo of it. :)

Orhan Kahn said...

What the hell, how did I only just discover this blog?!

Simply awesome photography!

velvet said...


Thank you for the nice words! :)

Anonymous said...

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