Climbing Photos for Dan

Dan from Dan's Blah Blah Blog asked to see some climbing photos, so here they are. It was kind of hard to find any good photos because I'm the photographer in the family and on any of the more impressive climbs we're too busy paying attention to safety issues to be snapping photos (which is as it should be; we're nothing if not safety conscious). So, for what it's worth, pics of me climbing.

I was ice bouldering with a buddy. I loooooove ice climbing.

Safer bouldering. Don't make any assumptions about the hat because:
1. I don't follow baseball therefore I have no team that I root for.
2. I wear it because I was born in New York State.

Short climb, sweaty mid-summer day. Top-roping to clean the route (collect the gear that was used to protect the leader as they climbed up) and break down the anchor and rappel so that we could move on to another climb.

A cold, November day. I remember my fingers being rather numb.

This time, leading (putting the protective gear in as I climbed).
I'm up there. Just follow the rope.

Update: Oopsie! I forgot to credit these photos because they were obviously not taken by me. These were all taken by The Mister except for the ice climbing one. That one was taken by my friend, Jeff.