Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Scenes from the Back Yard

More shots with my Holga, this time scenes from our back yard. I was just exploring the late afternoon sunlight coming through the trees.

forsythia in bloom before the blossoms dropped
some of the fruits of our woodchopping labor

hand-me down from a neighbor whose daughter is now in college
(grass just starting to green up)


I Heart My Holga

I shot these photos in the past few weeks with my Holga, which is considered a toy medium format camera which'll set you back a whopping $25 or so. (The link at the bottom of the page has a photo of it... minus the rubber bands that *ahem* some people use to hold the back on.) I swear that I haven't had this much fun with a cheap, plastic, "Made in China" toy since I was, oh, seven years old. Each Holga has it's own personality (read: defects) thus their unique "quirks". Aside from the vignetting which is one of the normal beauties of the cheap, plastic joy that is a Holga (note the black in the corners of the shots), I'm noticing that mine tends to do a double exposure of sorts in the lower right corner. But enough of my enthusiastic blather (did I mention that I love playing with this thing?).

Below is a picture of the magnolia tree in our front yard (see my other blog for a photo of the tree in color and in the context of the front yard).

This is at a park down the street from our house.

For any camera/photo buffs who haven't been introduced to the Holga yet, take a few minutes to read the Holga link above... it's funny and it might just make you want to hop online and order one. If you do, happy shooting! Oh, and though most of the modifications are no longer necessary to make it photoworthy (the Chinese were actually paying attention to the online modification sites) some of the tips are handy to know.